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Have seen some good prices and merchandise I would like on the Aquatic Connection website. Are they legit and trustable????

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If it's AquaConn, I've heard some terrible stories about them! Do a search on here and something should show up about them, hope this helps ...


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Avoid aquacon like the plague.

You will not get what you think you're buying and trying to contact them after your payment has gone through will be near impossible.

For instance, they have "Marshall islands live rock" I myself wonder where they got it as it's been illegal to collect rock in the Marshall islands as of August 2008 (just an example of their deceptive practices)

If you do a search for aquacon you'll find nothing but horror stories


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Yeah, I've never heard anything good about them not once. On the other hand, Live Aquaria (IMO & IME) may be the best Company, in any field, on the planet. LA. and all Foster & Smith companies will do absolutely anything possible to make a customer happy. You could write a MBA thesis on the business model of the F&S group. No, I don't shill for them; but have done business with them since they were a little 3 Vet office in Minocqua, Wi.


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I deal with from time to time.Have not had a problem once.I ordered my chainlink eel from them for $19.99 pick him up and it is a big healthy monster, between 16-18". I bought my scarlet crabs and turbo snails from them too, great prices.
Everything has been very healthy but that is my opinion.I live close so them shipping an order may be different.I also like Beverly`s pets on university and pines road in pembroke pines FL.Always healthy fish and great prices.


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Aqua on

Aqua on

I have made one purchase with them. All live stock came packaged nicely and in good condition. Here's he rub. First, slow to ship, not much in the way of any customer service, phone never answered, always at lunch. I finally got thru after leaving several emails. Did the beltway shuffle on delays, etc.. Due to weather...
All livestock was correct except the green carpet anemone which ended up being a green Atlantic carpet anemone. Not a clown host as advertised. Never got resolution on this. Btw. Anyway, I still have the anemone as it is a beautiful creature and refuses to create any issues task far. In time, I might look to move it to a coral growing tank, but for now it's the most interesting thing in tank.
Back to aquacon, I they did BO on a pair of pink skunks, and I had asked for them to contact me when they got some. It's been 6 weeks, not an email or phone. I would rate them as poor in customer service, ok in product.