aragilive sand any good???


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It is good sand but you dont really need it.. You can just get regular aragonite sand and get a local reefers scoop of live sand it seed it. Or if you have live rock and bacteria already in the tank it will seed itself.

The only difference between araglive and aragonite sand is it comes in a bag of water with bacteria in it.

Who knows how long it has been sitting on the shelf though so that may even come with some die off.

I would just use regular aragonite sand. Save the money, you will be spending lots of it.!


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Thanks for the info. I had the tank set up for 10 years and it crashed something killed everything. So I am starting all over. Trying to get everything cleened right now. It has been setting for a year and a half.


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Just pretty sand with nothing more than the same stuff you buy in a bottle. I did buy some because it had a pink tint to it. Good luck with your rebuild.