Are Dry Suits hard to use?


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So we normally rent 7mm suits for the dives up here in Illinois, the water is pretty chilli. I've got like 8 dives under my belt, far from a master....

I'm going this weekend and my budy said, why dont we rent dry suits instead, they are only a few bux more.

The local shop said for 10bux and a "quick" in pool lesson you should be good to go.

Can I get your opinions on this??



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I dive in NY where I use a dry suit for most of my diving. They can get you into some trouble if you are diving in a heads down position and air(gas) shifts to your feet getting trapped in the suit and you start to rise. You would have to rite yourself before you get out of control. Ankle weights help. I would not go too deep until you are used to the suit. There are classes for dry suit diving...


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Did the PADI dry suit cert. this summer; shops in the cleveland area will not rent one to you if you don't have it. I had no trouble making the switch but I have been diving for several yrs. and have very good buoyancy control.

As the previous post mentioned you can run into trouble if you get inverted. If you don't know how to right yourself and have poor buoyancy the air in the suit goes to your legs where you cannot purge the suit, this can then lead to an uncontrolled ascent. According to my instructor; buoyancy control is the most difficult part for people learning to use dry suits.

Other points taught in the class are managing squeeze, care of the dry suit, and tips on how to keep it from flooding ..... I can attest that even with some care getting into the suit you can still end up wet.

Good luck


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Well this place apparently will rent without proof of certification... Alls he request is that you take the pool class where he can instruct you on how to use it safely.


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Well with 8 dives, you have little if any buoyancy control and dry suits are NOT that easy to use with no practice. But as with all things diving, it is your life, your choice.


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Well Friday I did my 20minute training on how to use a dry suit and dove 4 tanks with it on Sat/Sunday. I felt it super easy to use. I never had any problems with my feet coming above my head.

I had very minor water leak, overall great experience.


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I was a commercial diver for years, hated dry suits, will never wear one again.

I have had two, and neither let you do the buisness in them.

When you are down for a very long time, and you drink under water for hydration, and having a leak is the only sure way of knowing hydration levels, sadly a dry suit is not the go.

They have merit, but a good wet suit is fine, if its cold, use a 1mm "rashy", also, get into a hot shower before entering the water, fill it with hot water so that you do not get the initial rush of cold water.

Another couple of points, use 10mm sox, and heavy gloves, these keep yout very warm, no heat loss at all, and a full face mask will also eliminate a huge amount of heat loss.

All 3 above meant for me, instead of coming up after a few hours, with mild hyperthermia, being totally fine and not cold.