Are my prices to unfair for the goods I offer?


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It has come to my attention that there are some discrepancies between my prices and what the market is offering. The market in this case being represented by local fish stores.

Research is showing that prices listed for a lawnmower blenny, cleaner shrimp, and ricordea mushroom are dramatically lower than the prices I have listed.

The fallacy that is being emphasized is a bad comparison fallacy or a comparison between "Apples to Oranges". I have stated that my prices compared to market prices are the same while research shows that my prices are above market price. I agree with this argument totally.

Yes, my prices are higher than market prices or local fish store prices. I agree that my statement is in fact a fallacy.

The question you the buyers should be asking yourselves is why should I buy from bginop?

Price is higher. The location is probably not more convenient. The product on the other hand is better.

Every local buyer here will testify that they have no idea where their goods (aquatic life in this case) came from. They have no idea if is has been caught with cyanide. They have no idea what is the aquatic life's health condition.

The product I offer has come from an outside source (the ocean or tank bred). The product I offer has a high probability that it has not been caught with cyanide techniques, because the aquatic life I own has been grown, by me, for at least 1 year. Finally, my aquatic life are fed with vitamin enhanced mysis shrimp, chunks of silversides, and nori (sea weed). Thus, my aquatic life have been fed with a high quality diet to produce rich color and a healthy specimen.

Local fish stores can not produce these same effects because they do not have the resources. Local fish stores want to turn over inventory as fast as possible thus a minimal decent environment is provided for the aquatic life to survive, because LFS want to get their inventory into your tanks as fast as possible.

Therefore, my prices may be higher because my product is higher in quality.

Again, this is not about profit. This is about getting my aquatic life into the homes of caring individuals.


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To tie any loose ends,

You the buyers should know that these are just estimated prices.

Everyone seems to misunderstand, I want to negotiate prices because I want to give my life a good home. I do not want to ship my aquatic life on ebay or have it end up in a local fish store.