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Are there any reef safe octopuses that wont get to big that I can add to a 280 gallon reef that consists of SPS and LPS along with some fish?
Octos are not really reef freindly.
The problem with octos being in a reef is temperture. Most reefs are kept between 79-84 degrees. So you would need to find a tropical species that can do well at those temps. Any thing above 75 is pushing it for a species like O.bimaculoides. They prefer a cooler temps and do well from 60-72f You could try ordering the bali octopus from ff express. This seems to be a tropical species and if it is actually from bali should do ok at reef temps and is small. However, I have known people who have kept this species and for the first few weeks it tried to get out alot. It settled down after a while and was content after that not to escape. So you could give this species a try.
The same goes woth o. briareus. It can handle warmer water but is a known escape artist. So sealing your tank up would be a issue.
Fish could be eaten by any octo if they can be caught and fish can also pick on small octos stressing it and killing it. Any type of crab or shrimp would be eaten. So a tank with just corals and a small octo... maybe. If you want to keep fish and inverts than I would recomend setting up a species only tank for a octo. Thats your best bet.
Thanks!! I think for now I will stay away. Maybe in the future I will set up an Octo only tank.