are there different nori clips?

I like the magnet clips that premium sells, but if you're having trouble with your tangs pullling out the nori, you definitely don't want one, because my tangs always pulled the algae out of there too - the actual clip is weaker than most.

sorry i'm not much help.
I too use the magnet clip from premium, it's the best, they have a magnet scraper now that I'm getting soon.(sorry off topic)
my fish would pull the algae sheets from the clips all the time as well. i just ended up taking one strip, tear it in half, fold them over each other, place both peices in the clip. it works for me. my tang was bad about pulling it out, now my emerald crabs cant even pull it out.
humm....i guess i have a diffrent clip than all you. Not sure where I got it (had it for years) but it is the same idea a clip with a suction cup but you put the nori inside a large holed plastic screen. And then clip in the screen. So the fish have to pull the nori through the screen.
that sounds pretty neat jent, i've never seen one of those. might also stimulate some picky tangs since it would be like they were picking it off the rocks.
If you glue the above veggie clip to a floating mag float cleaner with hot melt glue or silicone you can move and remove your nori without getting your arm wet, and position the food anywhere you want.

I have found that if you roll the noru into a tube the tangs tend to pull just from the end and it stays in the clip.
tried all different ways with the clip....a few sheets together, a sinhle wrapped thin&long, etc......they always pull it out before its done.

gluing the clip to a magfloat wouldn't solve my problem, they aren't pulling clip off glass, just the nori out of the clip.

i'll try putting the nori clamped by magfloat, that should be a stronger grip

thanks :)
No Eagles I didnt glue my clip to the magnafloat. I just use the magnafloat to squish the sheet of algae against the glass.
I wish my tangs and angel would pull the nori off the clip. I can't get em to eat it!!! How did you all get your tangs to eat the nori????
my chromis, clowns, and lawnmower mlennie were all in tank first and they ate it, so when i added my yellow tang he saw all of them eating it and joined on the 2nd day :)
-i think imitation is how alot of fish learn to feed off clips, swim to surface to eat flake foods(i don't feed flakes), etc.