Are there sps suited for lower temps?


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I would like to set up a deep water tank and would like to find out which corals do well around 68-74 F.

Also, if you have a deep water setup, please post pictures...I would love to see them!

Thanks in advance for your help.


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How deep are you planning to replicate? :eek: You won't see temps that low until pretty darn deep in the tropics (think 350+ feet), deeper than most photosynthetic corals can survive.



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Thanks for the replies. MCsaxmaster:: I want to stay in that temp range for these Anthias that I'm getting. (Ventralis)

The tank will be dedicated mostly to those and possibly a pair of Hawaiin Flame Wrasses which also would be in the 72F range.

I'm not really sure how else to lay out the tank (rockwork) and would love to see pictures of how others do it.