Are these bulbs good for chaeto?


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Is this bulb strong enough? If not can someone provide me a link to a good bulb? Thanks


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I couldn't find one at my local hardware store so I ordered from, decent prices, tons of selection, and shipping was quick and cheap too.


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Best bulb I've found is "SYLVANIA 2-Pack 23-Watt (100W) Spiral Medium Base Daylight CFL Bulbs" at Lowes. About $10 for a two pack and they are 6500k. I use mine with a ~$10 plastic hood, gooseneck, clip on light fixture also from Lowes. The clip is plastic and very strong.

Best combo I've found and those bulbs grow Chaeto like crazy.


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I haven't ever found chaeto to be particularly picky about light. As long as the necessary nutrients are present, it grows like a ..... Well, like a weed. I use a regular 5000K LED spotlight. Weedsville :)


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Should work but they need to be relatively close to the Cheato. 100 watt equivalent will seem bright to your eyes but to an outdoor plant, it will bright only if it is close. And don't electrocute yourself!


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How close we talking? Mine is probably about a foot away from the chaeto.

I am at about six inches. My Chaeto disappeared before I realized this, but the other surviving macro algae species took off when I lowered the light. I was greedy and added a second light. I now harvest macro biweekly even though I have undetectable nitrate and phosphate levels.