are these reef safe


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can some one share their experiences with these three fish. are they consider reef safe (sps and lps mainly). i would like to add two more larger fish to my tank any opinions on populations appreciated also.
Forcipiger flavissimus aka Longnose Butterfly
Heniochus Butterfly aka Bannerfish
Centropyge loriculus aka Flame Angelfish

my 120 gallon tank + 10 gallon Refugium and 20 gallon sump is home to the following

1 blue tang
2 false perculas
1 orchard dotty back
2 neon gobies
pair of golden coral banded shrimps

last can any one share were you can find info on the differences between regions were fish are collected. thanks:rollface:


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NO!! Depending what kind of heniochus it is. There are several different kinds but only one of them is reef safe. I think it's a diphraetes that is the reef safe version and not the accuminatus.


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coral banded shrimps.

coral banded shrimps.

nope. loveland colorado. thank every body for the input. why the caution on the banded.


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Be very careful about the heniochus because there are actually two species, one which is reef safe and one which is not. The heniochus accuminatus is not reef safe but the schooling bannerfish, heniochus diphraetus is. They look virtually identical except the shape around the head is slightly different and the black and white stripes on the caudal fin are different.