Are these Xenia's dead???

jarrett shark

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I think they got electric shocked, I found my fuge light fell in sump the other day, all other coral looked bad for that one day but all are perfect now. all levels are perfect except a Amoinia -high a little from overfeeding but comes down in a day or to after stop feeding?
These Xenia are like weeks in my tank and I always give them away. I am worried about if there is going to be a die off in the tank? I tried to scrap off the rock but can't get all of it off.

sorry bad camera


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It looks they are not dead yet but geting close. I would move them lower in the tank in a calmer water zone. Mine love being lower and a calmer you might still be able to save them.

jarrett shark

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its funny b/c they grow on the glass walls also and like the top of the tank,
I hate them anywayb/c everywhere in my tank, just dont want to see a die off if I dont get them out. Hope tomorrow they look better.


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calmer water is better cause if any small piece breaks off youll end up with it at the other side of the tank and it goes crazy from there


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It's a shame such a pretty coral can be such a nuisance. I had xenia all over my old 55 gallon, and I loved watching them, but jeez they just took over. I have to resist the temptation to get any for my current tank.


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Mine do that every once and awhile some will die alot of the time pieces break off than you end up with more some where else..


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exact same thing happened to me , my sump light fell in and i didnt find it until the next morning , I had the xenia in the sump for a friend who had a crash and broke the bad news to him but most came back after a month or so . its hard to kill a weed .


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I had some that looked like that, it started to deteriorate and break up. I just cut the tops off and left some of the good flesh on the rocks. Grew back without an issue.

I have had PomPom xenia that did the same thing and never grew back.