Are we allowed to post up the LFS in the area to get a list going?


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Couldn't find anything in the TOS, but I just skimmed through it. Trying to find some good stores for reefs, as I've been doing fresh water so long that I haven't got a clue.

Thought I'd ask before I make the post :)

Blinding Reef

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ask us and we'll tell you what are the spots to see and which ones you can pass on. what area were you thinking about? just artesia or other spots? if artesia, i can tell you now to stay away from


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Places I visit now are Pacific Reef in Orange and FV, Strictly Fish over in Carson...that's really about it.

Just wondering where all the healthy corals and good people are :)


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Whoops, Lakewood. Hard to keep track when you're used to being out in Riverside/Moreno Valley where counties don't change every 2 miles, haha.


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If you ever are in the Orange area, there are several that I've frequented.

New Wave (on Tustin Ave.)- my favorite, but the store is small but everything is always so healthy and the owners are very nice.

Ocean Blue- Brian the owner is pretty cool. He has brought in more coral than he's had in the past.

Jeff's Exotic- pretty good, nice coral selection in the back. They frequently have 25% or 50% off sales in the coral room.

Pacific Reef- new to Orange, but seems to have pretty nice peices. The employees aren't very knowledgable if you asked me.


Tustin- Puppies & Guppies- Small but the staff is knowledgable.

FV- Tong's- The store and selection is incredible, but I've had nothing but bad luck with the livestock and corals I have purchased there. I've read some pretty bad reviews on the place from fellow reefers, but I don't quite remember the specifics.

Costa Mesa- San Bar Pets- Small store, but friendly / knowledgable staff from what I've found.


dUb P. Ham

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Another one in Orange is Amazing Aquariums and Reefs.
One other one I like is one in Signal Hill it's call Age of Aquariums.
Fullerton ones would be AIM and Socal Tropical Fish Outlet. HTH


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For sure Ali of Amazing Aquariums and Reefs has some premium stuff. Crazy acans and rare fish. Definitely should check em out!



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Tried to go by Amazing Aquariums this morning but they didn't open 'til noon.

I go to Pacific Reef a lot - they usually have a great selection of inverts at good prices, and the owner Brian will not buy stuff that's been collected through chemicals or dynamiting.

I know Brian at Ocean Blue from my fresh water days, did not know he was carrying more corals these days. Used to be the only thing he'd have was that giant bumble bee grouper.