Area for each plant


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I am planing for a mangrovetank, since i am interested in plants i am going to grow some different spieces of mangrove in a 120 cm long and 20 cm wide acrylic tank that i will build. It will be conected to my other tanks that has 700 liters SW together. Do anyone know of any "recomended" area for each plant. I will be triming the plants so they dont get to big!

By the way whats the best way to start mangrove seeds. Is it to put them in fresh water, brackish or full salinity. If anyone has any tips of salinity to recomend pleas let me know.

If you intend to keep them trimmed, you can bonsai them. If you bonsai them, you will only need around 30cm square per tree.

I'm not familiar with growing mangrove seeds, because I usually grow the mangroves from pod form. I hope that helps! :)
Hi Mark

You are right i mean pods not seeds. Then i could have 4 big and trimmed mangroves in my 120 cm tank. When you say bonsai trimming do you mean only trimming the branches or both the branches and roots? Since bonsai trimming are including hard trimming of the root structure.

How have you set up your mangroves in your system? I am very curius beacuse very few people here in Sweden uses mangrove for nutrient export and nitrat reduction. But as i understand from my surfing on different web sites, many people in USA uses them and have succes with them.