Argh! Iwaki 100RLT Pump noise issue


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Looks like I made my first equipment selection screw up. I'm building a CL for my 90G display out of 1.5" pvc, w/ 6-9 T'd outlets in it. I bought an Iwaki 100RLT as my calculations using the RC head loss calc seemed to show it generating around 1600-1800gph, depending on how the final plumbing ends up like.

Now i (doh!) finally go and read the RC eval's on the 100RLT, and the one thing that every evaluator mentions is that it's such a loud pump. Quotes like "Thank God it's down in my basement" were made more than once.

My tank is in our living room. I can't have an external pump running 24/7 that is equivalent to "a spa pump running full bore," as one of the RC evaluators put it.

An owner of a 100RLT wrote that he bought a Sequence pump to replace it, and it's much quieter and consumes less electricity to boot. Can anyone else verify this claim?

I'm looking at the Sequence 1000 3000gph pump. Here's a link to it:

I would really appreciate it if you guys could chime in. Is it really worth it for me to return/sell this 100RLT, unused, and replace it w/ the Sequence? Noise will sour my wife on this tank in a heartbeat. Some noise is fine, but no "full-bore" jacuzzi noise!