Army Of Snails


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Okay, I have always had an issue algae in my 36G Nano Tank. Something should have been done about it a long time ago, but I was never sure of the best approach. I have been running LED's (60W blues only). Sun of my corals appreciate thrive under this lighting and look amazing! Suddenly a small army of snails has appeared, and they have really impacted the algae issue. Now I can see the purple in my live rock returning. I just hope they do not become a nuisance.

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In the long run the snail population will balance with the amount of algae you have. Should the algae dwindle, the snails will too.

Any idea what kind of snail? If they're doing a good job with the algae, perhaps there is a market for them. Trochus sp. snails are my preferred algae grazers.