ASKOLL 1500 PUMP REplacement


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I have an SWC 250 1A Cone Skimmer on a 255 heavily loaded sps mixed reef. My impeller magnet and pump went out and I read tons of articles with people that have had the same issue....So I went out and bought the new pump from the new Laguna 1350 model since the 1500 no longer exists.

I changed out the impeller and thought I was good to go.

Well I have had about enough of this (*&(#*&#* replacement pump/impeller. :uzi:

Some people stated that 1350 was a direct replacement, but it isn't! The replacement 1350 is not as strong as the old 1500.

I don't get enough suction to keep the protein skimmer bubbles running. It will run for a while and then stop producing bubbles. This is a maintenance head ache as it will only work again after a thorough cleaning which may last a week or so.

So that being said. Has anyone bought any of the DC protein skimmer pumps that work just as well to get around 70SCFH and enough suction to keep bubbles in the cone?

My goal is to just get a whole new brand of pump that will bolt right up to my skimmer. If I have to, I will buy a new skimmer/pump combo, but I don't think I need to go that drastic.

All of the articles I have read recently really don't give good replacement pump recommendations. Most end up saying get the 1350.