ASM G1-X Died, LF new skimmer


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Our ASM G1-X kicked the bucket, it was a fantastic skimmer and we are considering buying another one. We have the gate valve mod on it, but it was a model that was 12 years old, and I was wondering if the gate valve mod we have on our current ASM G1-X will fit a newer model.

Or if anyone has any suggestions for other brands/models of skimmers, I am all ears. We have a 75 gallon tank that is currently mostly just softies and fish. Its had a go of it the last two years, some coral die offs, some fluctuations in our water supply quality, lapse in testing/WC. Those are things we are working on but we wanted to get started with a new skimmer.

Does anyone have any suggestions for us? Thanks in advance.


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The skimmer itself, unless you dropped it and it is now in 1,000,000 pieces is essentially unchanged.


I am also in the fence in order to replace my Aquamaxx EM200 and not sure if i should remain in the Aquamaxx line as this skimmer has been fantastic for several years.

[MENTION=103937]phc567[/MENTION] if i decide to go DC which you recommend? Assume Reef Octopus or any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance...