ASM G3 skimmer


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Hello I have an ASM G3 skimmer and I am constantly having to move the outlet up and down to get any skimate and 3/4 the time the skimate I do get is extremely wet, sometimes only slightly colored, like a very watery tea. If I move it what seems like a mm too high it overflows the collection cup and a mm too low and nothing. If I hit the sweet spot it seems to work for a while and then the next day I'll check on it and nothing, even though the water level hasn't changed. Is there any recommendations on things to do to fix this? I Was thinking of doing the mesh mod eventually would that help?

Also has anyone put an elbow on the outlet flow so it would dump into the tank quieter?


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Before you do anything, make sure the venturi is clear. Take it off the skimmer and run a drill bit the size of the opening in the tube where the airline connects. These tend to clog over time and need to be cleaned out. This will allow it to pull the correct amount of air.