ASM G4 or G4X


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I Have a 180 RR AGA.
I am going to get an ASM skimmer but would like some input on which one you guys think will work best for me. I have plenty of room in my stand. I have a 40 gal sump and am looking at the ASM g4 and g4x. Whats the difference?Is the g4x going to be over kill. The tank will not be heavily stocked. But maybe later it will be.

Is the g4 going to be enough for the 180? It is rated for 250 gal. I like the shorter size on the g4plus and it comes with the sedra 9000


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There are three skimmer in the G4 series. The G4, G4Plus, G4x.

Model Pump Height
G4 5000 24 inches
G4 Plus 9000 24 inches
G4x 9000 30 inches

I recommend you steer clear of the G4, it is underpowered for the size of the skimmer. If you have the room, get the G4x, if not get the G4Plus.


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I have a 180 also and will be getting the G4+. The G4X just wont fit under my stand.

So, if you are going to put it under your stand you would need to get the G4+ if room is no problem why not get the bigger one for $10 more!