ASM skimmer

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For a 155 gallon tank, which would be better? I have about 150 lbs of rock and 80lbs of sand so this will reduce the amount of water in the tank so its less then 155 now.

ASM G-1 does 100 gallons


ASM G-1X does 150 gallons

There is only a 50 gallon difference.


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A G3 or G4 would be better. I use a G3 on my 125 and it is OK. A G4 would be better IMO. If you have a little more money get an Octopus or MSX skimmer, they appear to be made a little better.


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I use a G4+ on my 180 with LR, Sand and a 55g sump. I am happy with it. I agree that the G3 at a minimum might not cut it. IMO the G4 would be the way to go.


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Had G-3 on 90g with heavy feeding, it didn't keep water clean. Replaced it by Turboflotor 1000 (recirculating).
But ASM has a large reaction chamber and if you can afford risk of making recirculating and mesh mods, it should help significantly.


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I've had an ASM G-2 on my 90 gal for over 4 years and it's worked great. I definitely believe you need at least the G-3 or G-4. The G-1 & G-1X are too small for a 155. JMO


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I set up a 75 gallon tank, I have been told for the money, go with the ASM. But, looking on the forums, all I see is how they need to be modded to work. First, would a G1 (rated for 100 gal) work for my setup? Secondly, what kind of mods are necessary, if any?


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There is no way I would use a G1 on anything bigger then a 55. Way over rated as most of the ASM line is. Just to make a G2 work you would have to mesh and gate mod it.

For the most bag for your dollar look at the MSX160.


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G2 on my 90 and it pulls gunk out... Hope to upgrade to something bigger soon (Reeflo Orca or something custom Like the Bubble Matrix? Maybe even an H&S....)