at what point is my tank overloaded?


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Hello all, I have a 180 FOWLR tank with about 140 pounds of lr. Here is a list of my fish.
1) Emperor angel juvi- 4"
2) naso tang- 4"
3) sailfin tang- 5"
4) blue hippo tang- 2"
5) foxface- 5"
6) true percula-2.5"
7) algae blennie- 2.5"
8) flame angel- 2.5"
9) blue devil damsel- 2"
10) domino damsel- 1.5"
I realize there are alot of fish here and what I need to know is, is this too much already or can I add anything else? Should I start another tank before the emperor, naso, and sailfin get too big?
Thank you for your input


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be prepared as some people are going to flame you on this thread... but in my opinion you are ok now with your current fish load but i think your first 4 fish on your list might overtax the 180g when they get closer to adult size but thats just my opinion and i dont claim to be an expert by any streeeeeeetch of the imagination


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I think you're ok too. A lot of the fish you have are small, like the clown, blennie, flame angel and so on. Only your first 4 fish get really big and you have a 180 so I think you're ok. Best thing to do is watch them as they grow. If they seem too crowded, then you can decide what to do.


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I also don't think that three tangs (and a large angel) are automatically too many for a 180. However, the naso and the sailfin in particular will do best with more room in time.


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Thanks, I plan on setting up a 300 gallon next year some time. I'll probably move some of them over to it when I do.