ATI Powermodule 10x54w t5 fixture (Non hybrid/LED)


Got this PAR monster up for grabs. I ran it for the last year over my 50x36x26" tank and it's done great at growing and coloring up acropora in that time. I installed new ATI reflectors prior to hanging it. All 5 fans work and I have a spare I need to dig out. I have 10 lamps with 1 year burn time on them. 2 coral plus with 1 month burn time and 2 brand new coral plus. 10 lamps throw out a lot of par but also let you dial in your color/spectrum better. I had it looking a lot like 14k hamilton, that I love and went back to. Only reason this is up for sale.

2 6500k tropic giesemann
4 coral plus lamps (as specified above)
2 actinic giesemann
2 14k aqua something or other giesemann
4 or so blue plus
included with the sale.

The acrylic is in pretty good shape. Scracthes where it slides in and out on the reflectors and a few random ones here and there but nothing that would affect output. I did hard wire the selectable dc power supply for the fans in the ATI junction box where all the cords meet.

2 flaws

1 screw head is busted off on one of the fan covers
ATI junction box sticker isn't sticky anymore so I use a strap of velcro to keep it closed

Very clean fixture overall. 100% working condition. Comes with ATI hanging kit.

Approximately 48x22x2-3" maybe 45-50lbs. Ideal for the deep dimension tanks that need high light.

Pickup in Garden Grove, 92845

I'll get more current pictures but these are from setup of my current tank and show new reflectors installed.

DB39937C-C86B-4509-AE3D-CFDA65D3FE02 (1).jpeg
32E1C747-F432-40E8-BA29-4ED3D67E245C (1).jpeg
C88D1AE4-0E88-4108-ABE5-46BDBE88614D (1).jpeg