ATI t5 fans


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So I just installed my new ATI fixture and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this light, the only downfall is the fan sound it doesnt bother me at all but it bothers my girlfriend so I got to thinking I could easily replace the fans with something a bit quieter I assume its just like replacing a computer fan. Does anyone have experience with replacing the fans, and what fans are generally quiet?


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Ditch her...

I run mine on 9 as well. Trust me if they made noise I would hear it from my wife first hand. LOL


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The power supply on the ATI Sunpower that I had, has a adjustable setting. I moved it down to a lower setting.

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At 12 v its quite loud, I must have knocked it to 12v accidentally because the other morning when the lights came on a noticed immediately it was on 12v because it was so much louder.

I run @ 9v but if you knock it down to 7.5v it is pretty close to silent but I guess it depends on how loud your tank & surroundings are.