Atlantic Blue Tang ??s


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Need info and picts, how are these guys at eating algea? I'm looking at one for a prop tank and don't want to feed if poss. Also would like picts of juveniles and adults to see colors.

Are you thinking of altlantics or pacifics? The ones that look like dory from nemo or the ones that look like a yellow tang only blue? I've never kept an atlantic but seen plenty diving in the ocean. They start out a nice yellow color and become a pastel blue as they age. Nice fish. I wonder why more people don't keep them in their tanks?
You haven't think about Orangeshoulder Tang. I had one and it was an algae devorator. they get quite big but I beleive is the most beautiful tang, with a coloration that I haven't seen in any other fish
I have an Atlantic Blue Tang. He picks at the rocks and glass a lot but once these guys get big, there is no way you'll get away without feeding Nori sheets.
They do get pretty good size. Seem to get really nice soft almost fluerescent blue at full grown size. I don't know if they would get this coloration in captivity but do in the wild.
How about a powder brown, some of these guys have great colors, anyone have one? How are their temperment and eating habits?
Just in case you were still wondering about the Atlantic Blue Tang, I figured I'd post some pictures of mine.


I have 2 of them that I caught when they were literally less than an inch long. I originally had 3 but the 2 bigger ones ganged up and killed the smaller one :(. But the 2 I have left get along great now for the most part.


When I got them they were a bright yellow color. Now they have morphed into a dark florescent blue (the flash kind of kills their color but you get the idea).



The 2 I have are about 5" and growing. They are in a 210. I know they can get quite big in the wild, so one day I may need a bigger tank. Hope you liked the pictures.
Yes, like most tangs they do show some signs of aggression once in a while. Like I said, I originally had 3 of them and the 2 biggest ones killed the smaller one. That was months ago though and the 2 I have left seem to get along fine with everyone else. It's almost like they out grew their bad behavior and now get along with everyone.
The reason i was wondering is that my LFS has one and they said i could have it cause they think it is too mean! I dont want to add it though if it is going to kill my other fish. This one is bigger than my hand.
here's my juvenile atlantic blue.
no agression at the moment, as he is the smallest fish in the tank.
feeds on anything and everything.


as you can see they look very similar to yellow tangs and also lemonpeel angels when young.

atlantic blues tend to be a little aggressive, great fish, hardy, but want to be king of the tank so make em the last fish added.