ATO for JBJ cube


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Evening all,
I have been searching for a DIY ATO for my 10g JBJ cube, that does not cost a fortune.
I found several threads using a 3gph lifter pump, that is NLA. I was wondering what people were using instead?

I usually just add RODI every morning to my tank, but I am about to have to leave the tank for a week and I will not be able to have anyone add water to it for me.

Any help is appreciated

Nano Chris

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I have a Red Sea max 34 gallon setup. I have to add every morning ro/di water. I was thinking of getting this. But I am looking into adding a sump to mine. It seems like it would make things a bit easier & I can have a fuge… You can always try this pump out & see if it works for ya? It’s on the cheaper side of things. If you go away on vacation I’d also buy a cheap cam to make sure things are okay & maybe a automatic feeder.