Attaching pond liner to stand


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I'm building a new stand and was planning on lining the bottom with a pond liner to catch leaks. How have other people attached it to their stands?

Along the back and sides I can probably just staple it in place, but I'd like something a little neater along the front. I had thought of either routing a groove and using a dowel to wedge the liner in the groove, or cutting a thin strip and screwing it along the edge to clamp the edge of the liner in place.

Does anyone else have any better ideas?


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i would do the wood strip. you could even screw through the pond liner as well, instead of having it come up short like in the picture.


For what it's worth, I lined the bottom of my cabinet as well, albeit with shower pan liner. The wooden strip at the bottom of the large opening hides the edge of the liner. Worked out great. Good luck.



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Thanks for the input. Think I'll do the wooden strip option. It's easy, will look good, and I don't have to break out the router.