Attn: Physh1 -- TOTM July 2002


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Hey :cool:

Needless to say, great tank indeed. Some details puzzle me, though, perhaps i'd be so lucky to get a few replies ... :)

1) You mentioned a 6 hour photoperiod, does this mean a literal 6 hour lights on period ? That's very interesting indeed, might i ask if there was any special reason behind this ? Most people are going for 14 to 8 hours.

2) Did you ever had a problem with any type of algae ? Seems very interesting to have 3 fish, a high Coral load and no filtering and never having an algae problem.

3) Do you have any DSB or MacroAlgae on the sump ?

4) You mentioned 2 Tiger Tail cuccumbers, in a 20 Gal; are they doing ok ?

Again, congratulations on one of the best Nano Tanks i've ever seen. More pictures certainly welcomed.


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Thanks for the compliment on the tank and I'd be happy to respond...

1> Yes, my photoperiod is only 6 hours a day on this tank. I did start with around a 8 hour photoperiod but the results were pretty poor with my corals. Poor expansion and eve some tissue recession on some of the LPS. I don't know why that was happening but when I was making some adjustments to figure it out that was the solution. Kinda strange. Personally, I like shorter photoperiods better and never run a tank with more than 8 hours a day.

2> No algae problems ever. Once a month was a light scrubing to clear a light haze on the glass but other than that there was nothing. Before I added the clams, I did have to wipe the haze off every 2 weeks or so. The clam additions really dropped the organic loads and kept the water very, very clean. My goal here was to balance my life load so they would essentially feed off of eachother. I think I did a pretty good job here.

3> There is no sand or algae in the sump. The pics show just a filter bag for bubbles (and of course it catches some detritus too!) and that's it.

4> The 2 tiger tail cucumber are doing excelent. I have actually removed one and placed him in another tank as they were both getting very large. They are around 12" each and over 1" thick in diameter. I didn't want them to overpick my 20 so one got moved. The other is still doing great.

Thanks for the compliments again on the tank and feel free to email me and at if you'd like to chat more. My web page is also