Aussie Acans

Reef Bass

colors and textures
I know I did one like this before, but the little cutie got even more awesome looking! And I think my technique has improved since then too. For the record, ZERO - as in none, the absence of any - color mods. Set the color temp, took out a dash of brightness, added a micro pinch of contrast and polished the sharpness.


I love the textures. I think the DOF is about right - ultra sharp foreground with lots to look at, fading out at the top to reinforce the sense of depth, delightfully ambigous background.

I am very pleased with my coral and my camera. :D

Reef Bass

colors and textures
Ala Latka Gravis (Andy Kaufman): "Thank you very much".

As I've posted before, decent pic of my corals = synergistic joy for me.

It was SO hard not to boost saturation. Not that it needs it at all, but this pic would look great freakishly psycho colored.

I'm also experiencing some sort of weird "well I've done that subject before" thing. I doubt I'll be posting another of this, at least until it grows some more!

I appreciate your help (and all the others) directing me towards the path of competence.