B-ionic a&b question

I have never been clear on HOW ok or NOT it is to dose A&B NOT in equal amounts...

My understanding is you dose them in equal amounts but never at the same time but... but...if my alk is a little lower then I want and the Calcium
is a little higher then I want... Can I dose the ALK by itself and does that not throw the IONIC balance out in doing so? I am pretty sure the mfg told me one time that you can do it but only as an emergency situation not steady....but I cannot remember if I dreamed that or not?

Do you knowwww the answer?



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Yes you can dose alk a little bit more and you need to test every 2days or daily. Once its at the level you want, you can revert to initial dosage.

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I agree. Dosing a bit more of the alkalinity part is fine. You can dose baking soda if you want to save a bit of money, but either is fine. The effect on ionic balance is very, very small.


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i would think that as long as you are testing befor making any corrections that it would be ok to use more of one part vs. the other. am I wrong with B-ionic?


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No, it's fine, as long as you keep in mind the accuracy limits of our test kits. Most tanks are fine with equal parts dosed most of the time, with some require a bit more alkalinity now and then. There's a few processes that consume alkalinity but not calcium:


One common issue is that calcification will use some magnesium in place of calcium, since they are so alike chemically.