Baby Peppermint Shrimpletts


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I added a pair of peppermint shrimp to my newly cycled tank on Dec. 22. They were pretty skittish the first week or so, but then started to come out at feeding time (they seem to eat just about anything, but appear to like blood worms and green colored flake the best). About 4 days after the first one molted, it starting getting a LOT fatter than the other shrimp. Then after about 4 more days, you could begin to see that it was carrying eggs in its swollen abdomen. Today, at about noon (Jan. 15), I started noticing an outbreak of very small pods on the glass and my chromis seemed busy all afternoon catching something in the current. Tonight, at 10:30 p.m. I checked for pods again with my flashlight and found dozens of snails all lined up near the upper corner of my tank, where the current is the strongest. On further inspection, I found what I first thought was another (clear/translucent) shrimp molt - as I watched, however, I saw it's antennae move and it occasionally flicked its tail to release the baby shrimp (thousands of them). I feel pretty lucky to have witnessed this and am glad some of my pics turned out.

Pregnant Peppermint Shrimp:


Shrimp Hatch:




Lots of snail spectators: