baby peppermints?


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There are a whole bunch of little baby shrimp looking like critters swimming to the light (a track light pointed at the tank) up in the corner of the tank.

One of my peppermint shrimps was carrying babies. Could these be them?

If I caught some and put them into my ac 70 diy refugium what would happen?


How small are they?? If you caught them and put them in your refugium, you would probably have to feed rotifers to it. Only then might you have a chance at raising them to adulthood.


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This is the best I can get:


Can you see them? The little pinks with eyes...

Wouldn't the refugium have rotifers?


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Generally they are all eaten by the next day when realeased. I always consider them free food for my tank. It does look like them tho. My shrimp always release the larvae at night.


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They're so small, but they are definitely matching the picture of baby pepermint shrimp. I put a couple scoops into my refugium tank. If any grow up I guess they will be seen eventually. I'll let you know what I see.

What fun eh?