Baby ricordea as hardy as larger ones? PIC inside


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I am just wondering if its hard to grow a baby mushroom? I am looking at buying a ricordea thats about the size of the dime, but i dont want it to die if they are hard to grow. Or are they are hardy as the larger ones?

Here is a pic of said Ric


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wow as a side note that is a gorgeous From my experience is the smaller ones are just as hardy as the larger ones. The big thing is tank placement. I haven't had any problems with florida ricordeas, like that, as long as I'm not placing them under heavy lighting conditions (ex. right under a MH bulb).


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I have a ric that popped out a couple of really really small babies. I was cleaning the algae off of the front of the tank last week and I noticed what I thought was a piece of cyano inbetween the magnet and the glass...well, turns out it was one of the small rics! That was about 6-7 days ago and its bounced back, it got seriously flattened....has gotten bigger in that time too!