Back after 15 years. Will it leak? 190 gal tank from 2001


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I'm back in the hobby after a 15 year break! I just picked up a used Oceanic bow front which seller advertised as 120 gal but it's actually ~190 gal. This is more tank than I planned for but I'm trying to figure out how to make it work.

The tank has a build date of 2001. It's been empty for about 5 years. Is there a maximum lifespan for silicone? Should I reseal this before filling? It's not something I've thought about in the past but with this volume of water I'm a bit worried. The tank was taken down in 2016 and has been inside storage since then. I actually wanted to gear more than the glass so if you all advise abandoning the glass I could be convinced of that. It came with some new in box equipment and three very nice AI SOL lights.

Things have changed so much since I left and I'm excited to be back.


It all depends on the seals. If you want a peace of mind then you could reseal the inside. I've been told silicone has a pretty good life span and I've had tanks that were very old and still tight. Is the silicone peeling away at all. Fill it with water in the garage I'd say. I think a hexagon would be the only one I'd really worry about.

Have any pics?

I'm sure someone else Might have some better advice.

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The same advice- fill it up someplace safe and wait several or more days. Another risky thing about old tanks is the lack of any warranty. I'd agree that a bet is it's probably fine.

While we're at it, livestocking a tank that large is an expensive proposition, but certainly lots of fun if you can. Good luck-


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Just an FYI and I don't know if this applies to your tank but about 20 years ago I had a client that had what "seems" to be the same size tank, 6' long oceanic bowfront. It was replaced under warrenty when the blcak silicone started to change color to a brownish orange in spots. (I've always figured the price of a new tank versus using an old tank was worth the peace of mind.)