Back at it after a 7 year hiatus!


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Saw another post of someone else returning to the hobby after a while and thought "oh cool me too!" So here's my re-introduction!

A co-worker recently got a new job in another state and asked if I wanted their 55-gallon reef tank, as they knew I missed having a saltwater tank for so long and wanted it to go to a good home and couldn't afford bringing the tank with them.

So of course I accepted! After buying tons of 5-gallon buckets, jugs of water, salt, supplies here and there, borrowing a friend's trailer, and an entire day's worth of "oh-god-this-sucks-style-lifting", I am officially back in the hobby!

The tank needs a little work in terms of green algae removal, so I'll need to toss in some critters to help take care of that.

So far it's been about 3 weeks since the move, and have closely monitored water conditions along with weekly 10 gallon water changes just to be safe, and everything seems to be not dying! Phew!

Right now it's stocked with:
  • 2 Clownfish
  • 1 Haitian Anemone
  • Frogspawn (5 heads)
  • Zoa colony (20-25 heads)
  • Small Kenya Frag
  • Emerald Crab, snails, hermits
It has a 10 gallon sump with bio-balls (not sure how I feel about that yet), ceramic filter media bag, and a good ol' protein skimmer.

It also has the Orbit IC LED light bar w/ the eFlux Wave Pump controller.

Overall, happy to be back in the hobby and looking forward to reconnecting with this community!



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A fellow return reefer! I look forward to comparing notes, however you are well ahead of me!

Heck yeah! Excited to see how we both progress over time. I found it very interesting how these days lighting is almost all LEDs rather than the intense metal halide systems you and I were used to.

Although we're getting back in on different steps of the hobby, I think it'll be quite beneficial to share notebooks as we dive back into this :)


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Yes, please! I'm looking forward to seeing how we both improve over time. I thought it fascinating that today's lighting is nearly entirely made up of LEDs, catch coupon code as opposed to the bright metal halide systems you and I were used to.


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Welcome back to the hobby. Although metal halide is not as common, it is still available if you wanted to use it. There’s just not as huge of a selection fixtures as LED