Back from Brazil...anybody need zoas?


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My tanks grew a bunch of zoanthids while I Was gone (and some SPS, yay!). So do you guys need any zoanthids? I copied this from the last time I sold these and I'll give you about the same prices.

I've got King Midas Gold, Tubs Blues, and another that looks really similar to my old zoas (EvilMel's Green Skirts).

I was thinking like 5-7 polyps of KMG or Tubs for $25 and 20 polyps of the other for $15. If you want some, just hollar at me.

Link to photos:


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We are glad you are back from the wilds of down "Portugese speaking" way. I have PMed you about some zoas.

feliz você voltou


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Thanks guys! It's pretty great! I've got SPS growing well again, finally and zoas taking off like crazy. I think she took better care of the tank than I do. hah hah.

Just to clarify because there was some confusion, both Tubs and King Midas Gold are $25 for 5-7 polyps whereas those ones that look like EvilMels are $15 for 20 polyps.


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Ok...sold a few but I've still got one or two frags of each. Let me know if you want some while I've still got them.