Back into the hobby, Looking for some input


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Hi, about 5-6 years ago I had good success keeping a 32g bio cub and upgrading to a 65g mixed reef. Due to having to move for work I parted out the tanks and had to step away :(

Im currently trying to put together a 20g red sea reefer nano, and I am stumped on what Return pump, lighting and skimmer vs fuge.

I had good success with the 1st generation Ai Hydra's on my 65g and im interested in the Ai Prime 16hd? Will 1 unit provide enough power and spread for a 18x18 cube? I would like maybe 2 or 3 types of acro's in the center and upper portions of the scape, the rest zoa's and some lps mid level to bottom.

The return pump I liked the Ehime 1250 i think? 300ish gph, any glaring issues with that choice? my main flow will come from a mp10

Skimmer, I was going to wait and see if I needed one, I really love macro fuges. Can 1 or 2 centerpiece acro's be happy with out a skimmer? Any small skimmers I should check out? I had an old reef octopus that worked really well but it was huge.

I have a much bigger budget for this set up than before, and really want to maintain a clean minimalist look. I was also thinking of keeping the tank invert +coral only.

Im sure this topic is beaten to death but my brain feels frizzled from sifting over youtube videos and endless searches about lights that usually end in just classified adds.

Cheers, tanks arriving in 5 days :p so the hunt is on lol!