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I've been in and out of the hobby for about 8 years now. about 2 years ago my fiancé, my dog and I took off on a 3 month road trip across the country and ended up in tx. We soon settled in with work and our house. Being a woodworker and a hobbiest I wanted to make a bada$$ stand with a awesome tank. Being I only had a truvu 10 gal, I at least had something to build(pics later)
Being an easy job it was done quick and was ready to go. Tank still hasn't been set up :/
But I had some good luck, turns out my fiances new bosses husband is the owner of precision marine. He invited me to the shop to see if he had any cool tanks laying around. He showed me around the shop and even fired up the cnc to cut out a skimmer lid for the tank I bought.
It was a weekend so he was able to show me EVERYTHING.
But the only smaller tanks he had were old display tanks from a lfs that he built into a AIO. The shape and size was odd but small enough I can build something cool around it. So....... I bought this
24g AIO


If u can't tell the tank is slanted. Like this
(Face frame)


As I can see, it's not just a tank.

yamaha racer

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Face frame attached, doors on and ready for stain.

Stained and installed



As u can see, perfect fit.

I had the tank up for about 3 months but a bad chain of events made me give the live stock away and get the hell back to Cali.
The tank sits in my room in redding until I move to Hayward next month.
The tanks is a 24g AIO with a 150w 14k Phoenix MH (want to go led)
I've used multiple different power heads and was never able to get rid of dead spots without making a sand storm.
Anything other than an mp10 u recommend?
Also it's 3 chambers. One overflow, one skimmer, one return.
The skimmer works great if I keep water At constant level. But never been sure what to put in other chambers. Going lps/sps/clam. Do I make overflow a fuge? Just media? If so what media?
Also my return is only about 200gph, it feels like nothing, should I raise gph?

I want to do it right this time. Ordering ato and waiting to see what to do with filtration before I order anything.

Also new to LEDs. I would like to do DIY, how many led do u recommend? As well for the 10g I mentioned previously.

I'm glad to be back and will be jumping into this tank as soon as I move down.
Thanks in advance for the help! Ill be asking a lot along the way.

I didn't forget..... 10g external overflow
All in one hood/stand
Hmmmm, can't find a pic of the tank and stand. Here is the stand, I'll get pics of the combo this weekend when I head to Santa Cruz.


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That's an awesome stand =).. For the leds I would contact rapid for info and your parts.. They are on the peninsula and are very knowledgeable in reef lighting.. They will give you all the info you need and part options you need.. Welcome back..

Innovative marine has a nice nano top off that's super sleek if you haven't seen it..