Bacterial bloom


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Tank specs 55 gal DSB 40lbs live rock 30 gal sump refugium with chaeto lr livesand filter media and grape caulapera (sp?). Two clowns sleeper goby coral beauty yellow tang leather mushroom Xenia and frogspawn. Lots of different snails hermits and a coral banded shrimp. Nitrates ammonia and nitrites all 0. Phosphates 0.25 salinity 1.025 temp around 75. PH is good. Calcium kh are both normal. Tank has been up and running since July. Had a big diatom bloom about 2 weeks ago. Did a big water change and ever since my water has a milky haze to it. Tried another water change yesterday and still looks the same. My protein skimmer doesn't show any excess amounts more than usual and its rated for a 75gal tank. I know it has to be a bacterial bloom but not sure how to get rid of it. My tank has been brown or white for over a month now and its getting frustrating. Any help would be much appreciated.


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This probably is a bacterial bloom. Letting it run its course is the best option however you can use a UV sterilizer to remove kill off the excess bacteria in the water column.


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Try a bottle of Fritzyme 9 to boost your biological filter . I have a 46 bow with a 38 gallon liverock sump and it worked for me. Just follow directions on label.