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I am new to the forum, and from perusing it, it seems a common theme is maintaining water quality.

I have a 24 gallon Aquopod with the dual power compact lighting system, and it's been up and running for about 4 months now. I am only using the filtration that came with the tank.

It's pretty extensively stocked:

-Acanth. Lordhowensis
-Daisy polyps
-Large striped mushroom rock
-Pink Zoos
-Blue Sponge
-Pink Cynarina
-Pink tipped plate coral
-Orange plate coral
-Derasea clam
-Slipper coral
-Baby bubble
-Star polyps
-Frilly mushroom frag
-Euphylia frag
-Pavona frag
-Blueberry Gorgonian

-4 Barnacle blennies
-True Percula (which has taken to the frogspawn and vice versa)
-Tail spot blenny
- Purple firefish

-4 Scarlet hermits
-8 Assorted snails
-2 Fighting conches
-2 Tiger pistol shrimp
-Sally lightfoot crab
-Blood cleaner shrimp

I don't do anything other than a weekly to biweekly 15% water change, and my parameters have all been ideal, and my water is crystal clear. I do of course, use B ionic for alkalinity and calcium, and I do dose iodine.

I think the key is that I have 20 pounds of premium Bali live rock (my dealer in Chicago is amazing), I used live sand, and I use Bactervital not only for the original seeding of the tank, but also anytime I do a water change. It seems to me that "natural" filtration is the most effective in the end. What do you guys think? I swear by bactervital!