bad case of flatworms or what? pic


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ok I went to the lfs the other day they don't usually keep sps..But they received this piece of Horn coral and it was bleaching when they received it...well I know that the Horn corals are pretty hardy and something was going on? what are these guys for sure? I took a pic for them!



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look like mesenterial filaments to me: i.e. the coral threw its' inside's up


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second twon8: its the mesenterial filament.

Horn corals have a tendency to do that when they are disturbed or removed from the water. Other than that, I am less aware of horns bleaching but they are prone to shed their tissue especially when there is a bacterial infection/jelly. I am guessing that the white skeleton at the bottom is the "bleaching" that you are refering too.
If it is the bleaching at the tips (horns can get their tips scraped off more easily than some corals) of the breanches, these should heal in the right conditions.

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save it, if you can! the mesenterial filament is like the coral exsposing it's digestive tract. Horns are know for expelling digestive fluids as a defensive or offensive measure. For this reason, horns are normally considered more aggressive and can really "burn" other corals.