bad idea for my overflow?


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haven't tested it out quite yet, just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this style

Its 2 1in bulk heads connected to 1 1.5in...gonna go to the sock


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I tried somthing similar to that running two into one.
I had trouble with the over flows running uneven one or the other
would gurgle off and on.
But my set up was differant for the way my sump was set up, I had to run all my plumbing to one side then down into sump.
Being as yours is centerd you may not have the same problem I had.
The only thing I can think that may be a problem is the pipe size,
2-1" pipes into 1-1.5" may cause a bit of restriction,
But that probably depends on the size of the return pump, and how much GPH you're overflows are rated for.
Be sure you support that plumbing realy well, that is a bit of weight hanging from the bulkheads, even more when you get water flowing through it.


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Yea, this is just a dry fit as of right now. The T fitting is perfectly center on the 2 overflows. Yea, I can only imagine how heavy its going to be full...I got the plastic wall restraints for the pipes as well.

Ron Reefman

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Put a union ball valve on both sides of the 'T'. That will solve 2 issues; you will be able to control the flow from the tank to the sump (even turn it off if you want... like when doing water changes) and it will allow you an easy way to disconnect the tie between the bulkheads if you need to. Also, the concern over running two 1" pipes into a single 1 1/2" pipe is a non issue. 1" pipe flows 600gph and 1 1/2" pipe flows 1300gph. Good luck.


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Everything I read when designing my (rather basic) plumbing said not to T off your overflow and not to put a valve on the overflow. From what I understand you'll get a lot of extra turbulence when T'ing the two together and the valve will at some point get clogged and you'll flood your DT.


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^^^What he said^^^

There is no need whatsoever for a valve on the drain(s) They will stop as soon as you turn off the return pump. To avoid the gurgling that that type of setup will likely produce - maybe try Y fittings instead of a T



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What keeps you from just running two lines side by side? Saves you from having to worry about gurgles and bubbles forming from turbulence of combining flows.