Bad Luck Still has me in a Strangle Hold


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I lost the scanner that we use to scan everything with at work a few days ago. It still hasn't surfaced. I'm being told that I will have to pay about $800 if it doesn't show up.

Today my phone slid out of the truck and I have no idea where/when so now I am without a phone as well.

What's next?


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Murphy's Law.

Dont feel bad. I keep losing corals ive had for 2 years. My tank was at its best just a few months ago. Now it looks like a battlefield in Afghanistan. We all go through ups and downs. People are losing their jobs, and family up and down.

An good old friend of mine once told me: "There is nothing in life, other than health, that time, or money wont take care of". Think about that.
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that sux! i feel ya on the phone thing! i lost my phone on thanksgiving and that i was so lucky when someone found it outside on monday.... too bad the phone is broken! i had to go into work and tell them i broke the 3rd company phone this year! by the end of the day i had my 4th new phone of 2009 :p


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At least I'm eligible for an upgrade with the phone so I can get a free new one if I stay with bellsouth. I've been considering changing to one of the carriers that are now offering $50 with unlimited everthing.


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I was unaware that an employer can make you pay for equipment lost ... I would double check on that before handing over a wad of cash, or see if they will work out some sort of payment plan and take it off your paycheck pretax.


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I was wondering why you were not answering today and a sexy sounding woman was all day. lol Sorry to hear that buddy, give me a call. I pmed you the number, I do the advertising for a Boost store and a Metro let me know if you want to know the ins and outs. I even think I have an old Metro around somewhere.


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Are you still under contract with at&t? If not might be a good time to swtich, tmobile has those new like $50 unlited talk no contract stuff going on now.


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I already talked to the union and YES, they can make me pay for it.

As far as a phone goes - my contract is up so I can go with anyone now although it would mean breaking up the bundle that I have now with AT&T.


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Dang Chuck, sorry to hear about your troubles :(

At least you've got your health and your tanks are doing well (I hope!)

So you won't buy corals for a few weeks/months. Maybe it's time to start trading some corals in the mean time.

Good luck Chuck!


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^ This.

Seriously, good luck Chuck. Sorry to hear about the bad times buddy, especially right after you dropped a small fortune on that tank setup! If there's anything I can do let me know!

Rogger Castells

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Sorry to hear about your troubles, please contact me if you need any advise on your new carrier remember I worked for metro before and know how to get the best out of porting your service.


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I just switched from ATT so I have my old phone that you can have. You will need a new SIM card though to connect your number. PM me if you need it. Otherwise they go to a women's shelter.


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I'm going to call AT&T to see what they can do for me since my contract is up but they'll be hard pressed to beat the $50 unlimited everything deals that are running arouind right now. Of course I have to buy a phone if I switch though. Two phones (me and the wife).