Ballast question for radium bulbs?


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I am running a 400 watt radium 20k on a lumerek ballast and its great and from what I've read it's a good combo my question is I set up a new tank and have hamilton ballast a 250 watt m58 and a 400 watt m59 would either of those run a radium ? Close to spec should I go but more lumateks? I was thinking of adding a 250 radium and 400 watt

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400w m135/155, blueline electronic for spec...
or HQI / HPS ballast for overdriving the 400w Radium I'm sure there others.

250w Hamilton reeflex cube (HQI / m-80) any m-80 like sunlight supply bluewave m-80 etc is spec but lumatek e-ballast (digital), sunlight supply Galaxy electronic all are known to work fine although technically the m-80 ballast is the proper ballast.
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Thanks for the reply mike .... I currently I'm running hamilton bulbs on the m58 and m59 ballast I really like the radium look ... Ill just get a couple more lumateks I like them and the being able to switch it