Banggai Cardinalfish Fry


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Thor and Athena started breeding mid-year in my simple 40 gallon breeder.

Looking for GOOD homes for 22 approx three month old babies and 2 one month old fry, and Thor is mouthing eggs again!!

Two fish per person unless you have large tank with plenty of spaces for hiding. Didn't plan on breeding but I can't let the fry be eaten!

May consider a club event if club ensures all fish will be homed.

If someone is interested in Thor and Athena, I'm debating letting them go to a home that is interested in breeding. Will be a small charge to ensure your fish dedication.

Willing to meet you in the Mechanicsburg or Carlisle area.


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Got msg saying I cannot pm reply since I only have 9 posts. Please call or text me at 7172752596. thank you much.