Bare spots


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I am about two weeks into the cycle of my first nano tank ( 5 gallons ). I have the sugar grain aragonite sand and it seems like no matter how I adjust the power head ( its the oceanic tiny guy made for the bio cube smallest I could find ) I have some bare spots. Is that a problem? I have good coverage but there is inevitably a spot or two that are blown out.


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I wouldnt see a bare spot being too big of an issue. I've read that sand beds are either 1-2" or 4-5" the deeper being for anaerobic bacteria to denitrify, the 1-2 being to have room for worms and other detritus eaters. I guess as long as you dont end up with the displaced sand causing a depth deeper than the recommended you should be fine


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The koralia is what I am using. Started with that maxi jet but it was way too much. The koralia works better but I still get a spot here and there that are bare. My sand bed is about 2 inches.


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Hi, I used to use korallia's on some of my previous tanks. What I did to keep the sand from blowing around, was place the powerhead about half way down the tank wall, and face it so it was blowing upwards. If the korallia is on the right hand side of the tank, have it facing up and to the left. The will allow for the water coming out of the powerhead to lower it's velocity before reaching the sand.

Also, as the tank cycles, I think you will notice that the sand blows around less.

Bare spots in the sand bed are not a problem. Issues have arisen when an established sand bed loaded with debris is disturbed by a powerhead that has fallen off the side of the aquarium. In your case, it won't be a problem. Although I could see sand being mildly irritating to the corals.

Good luck!