Barebottom: What goes over the glass bottom?


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I know some ppl use different things as a bottom surface when they go "barebottom". I have seen some just go right over the glass, some use egg crates and others use this black plastic material. It is this last item that I need more clarification on. Does anyone know what it is? I think it is some kinda of plastic cutting board, not sure?



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Cutting board is what your looking for. Starboard is just a name brand
cutting board. You can get it in white,black,yellow,tan,just about any color. I just received my white board last week. Ordered from the
Cutting Board Factory or something like that. Cut to the size I wanted.


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I wouldn't get acrylic unless it's very thick, as it has a tendency to warp.

the white cutting board is what I have. If you go to, (where I got mine) you can get a special ordered board. Always get it about 1/2 - 1inch shorter than your tank so there's a lip around all edges. this allows the board to sit better on the bottom of the tank, and lets the detritus accumulate so it's easier to siphon away


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I thought you want to silicone that to the bottom so nothing gets under it.
I used to run a starboard bottom but found too much detritus would build up under it.
Now I just paint the bottom of the tank black. I use small pieces of rigid airline tubing, drill a few holes in my base rock and stick it in.
this allows the structure to be rock solid and nothing will slide causing a rock slide.

it also allows me to keep the rocks suspended so i can keep the detritus in suspension or at least siphon it out every week.
the way i have it placed, you can't tell the rocks are slightly "lifted" off the bottom.


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those are all good ideas as well. I personally like the white look on the bottom though.. IMO


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All the options are good. But in the end all of it will get covered in Coraline eventually. Even a FSB will have coraline.