Barn Doors for Kessil A360X?

Itchy Trigger

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Anyone have a good idea for creating sort of a barn door contraption for Kessil A360X fixtures? I love the way they look on my tank, but I have them mounted fairly high and have no canopy, so they send out a blinding light into the room that is quite distracting. Having some sort of reflector / barn door at least on the front would be very helpful. I could pick up some black card stock and tape it around the front half of the fixture, but I'd rather find something that's going to look nice in addition to being functional... Anyone?


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With the narrow reflector you'd need to mount even higher so that might be counter productive. They're probably thinking the downward projection would solve your issue - and it might - but now you'll have hotspots to deal with which again would mean raising your lights.