Base Rock Questions


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Take a look at this website:

I am wondering if anyone here on Reef Central has ever purchased base rock from these guys before? Were you happy with what you received?

Also on their home page they have a little video playing that shows how to aquascape the rocks. I really like what they have done, but I am unsure of what they are using. Does anyone know? It looks like they may be using a thick acrylic or plexiglass base. What are they using for the rods?

Is the base rock actual fiji rock dried out? Would you recommend any special cleaning of it before I put it in the tank? I would be starting the tank from scratch so I could cycle right in the tank. And if I am understanding things correctly, I would then just put a couple of pieces of live rock and some live sand in the tank to help the cycling along faster? Is there anything else I would need to do other than wait for the cycling to finish?


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I would just look around on here for live rock dank11 still had some last I knew and the price is good for it as well


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I would stay away from Atlantuc or Caribbean rock since they are really dense. You want porous rocks like Fiji and other volcanic based rocks.

If you spend the money on good show rock it'll be better in a long run. As JFL mentioned - buy rocks off of local hobbyists who have to move or are getting out of the hobby since the rock is great live condition.