basement mildewy? evaporation


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my basement is where my filter setup is and my display tank on the first floor. but i also have my rc car working table next to the filter and its turning everything into rust, and my basement is smelling like mildew form the water evaporation. sould i put covers on the tank?<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


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Cover would be a good idea, but perhaps you need some ventilation, some kind of ventilation fan. That would allow the moist air to exit your house. Broan has one with a humidistat.

Was the basement not mildewy before the tank was put there? I assuming it was because otherwise you wouldn't have asked the question.


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I think you should cover or put away the parts and tools on the work bench when not in use. Or do that somewhere else. You could cover your work bench when not in use, I'm sure the would help a little.
The basement sounds like it needs to be vented and maybe add some type of a de-humidifier.


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yeah a dehumidi her i need, i will see if i can get a fan for my basement window. it wasnt so humid till i hooked up the filter. its my first summer with the filter here.


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dehumidifier is what a added, and it helps sooo much especially in the summer. winter the moisture actually helps.


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Do the old fishing trick. When I store my tools, lures and hooks or after a day on the water I will spray my equiptment with WD40 or rust check. A good rust inhibitor will help that out


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I run a dehumidifier in my fish room at all times. It is in the basement and has helped a TON with moisture. At fisrt I had to empty the bucket about 3 times a day, now only once a day.