bdif's 240 "thru wall" progress thread w/pics!


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Hello all. I'm Ben. I'm relatively new here, although I've been reading RC posts for years. After a 2 year absence from the hobby, I finally was able to wear down my wife and I'm back baby! My prior tank was a 100g. mixed reef which I really enjoyed and hope to duplicate on a lrger scale. Should have saved the tank as my sump is now a 100g. I have really learned a lot here on RC and thank everyone who takes the time to post details of their set ups.

Having said that, I must warn that my system equipment list will fall far short of many I have seen here, although it's a big step up from what I ran my prior system on.

Anyway, here the basics...

240g. Visio "Advanced Aqua Tanks" glass. 3 X 10" top braces that leaves me 4 equal size openings on top. 4 X 1.5" drains equally spaced along the water level on the back pane.

Custom built stand & canopy that will be here next week. stand is 38", canopy is 15".

100g. glass sump (Visio again) drilled for 2" bulkhead for Dart return pump and a 1" bulkhead for water changes.

PC-3000 NW skimmer.

Several other minor bells & whistles that I will update as I progress. here's some pics!

tank arriving

shot of drains

setting up sump

prepping to paint

painted back


WC drain


cookin rock

tidy work area


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Thanks. I was at the carpenter today as the stand/canopy was being loaded to go to the finisher for stain. Looks really good. It's really all I'm waiting on at this point. I should have it here by Wednesday. This delay in my Marco rock order could present a problem. It's gotten to the point where there is now a thread dedicated to this issue in the Reef forum.