Bean Animal question


I have a Bean Animal system. Only one of the 3 drains does anything....what are the other 2 for? I know one is the emergency drain, but I am not sure how I'd use that in an emergency.

Is the second drain supposed to be functional? If so, how do I make it so?



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yup.. the syphon should handle it all :) the others are emergency drains .. welcome to the world of quiet overflows!


Bean Animal follow-up

Bean Animal follow-up

Valve open almost fully, and still nothing dripping from the center drain. I took some photos that are attached.

Does anything seem out of place/wrong? Why would the second drain not have anything coming through it?

The first picture is the emergency.


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ok if the main drain valve is open all the way then then that drain is taking all the flow. If you begin to close it the box will slowly fill until it reaches the stand pipe level at which time the other drains will start to function, if needed


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You should be balancing the full siphon with the open channel drain. You won't be able to maintain a full-siphon without it. The water level will either rise to trickle down the open channel (what you want) or else your siphon will flush/fill continuously because it flows faster than your return pump. In this case you need a valve on your full siphon to close it off until the water rises to the open channel. You don't need the emergency drain. It is good in theory, but doesn't really provide anything.

This video explains with a demonstration.